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welcome to my lair!

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IMPORTANT NOTICE! for those that are coming from kantraa.nex.sh or xwave.neocities.org, neocities is my home again. i used to be xWave. the server that was hosting the "old" kantraa's lair is going poof in a month or so. in my frantic rush for free hosting, i came to Neocities again. expect falling rocks and links leading to nonexistent pages while i migrate this site.

hi! i'm kantraa, aka neonvortex. this is my personal website, and my first proper attempt at making one of those obscure things. i have tried my hand at a website at early 2019, but then i was using wix and because i was limited to using pre-made templates, my site was mediocre at best. so yeah, welcome to my website.

i'm currently feeling: The current mood of VVVExobyte at www.imood.com

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This is Xochi. I adopted him from the ruins of an old website. That website is long gone now, killed by the almighty Linkrot. He was one of the few that were archived on the Wayback Machine, so I adopted him, but his friends are still there. He guards my pages now. Please see if you can adopt his friends. If not, tell your friends. They don't need much, just a caring, safe home where they can be appreciated.

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